Consolidating and Leasing: The Future for Municipalities

Our goal is to consolidate city, county, and/or state entities into modern, efficient, state-of-the-art facilities.

Municipal buildings face problems.

  • Run Down

    Approximately 25% of building demolitions in north America occur because of a lack of proper building maintenance.

  • Spread Out

    Scattered municipal buildings are underutilized, inefficient, and have higher operating costs than centralized ones.

  • Draining Funds

    When you have to pay double or triple for essentials such as elevators and utilities, you waste money.

We created a national team with unquestionable financial backing. However, we are looking for local partnerships.

We think these local partnerships are key. Not only in terms of trade—architects, legal advisors, construction managers, local engineers, local contractors, and local operators—but also in terms of ownership.

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There is a simple solution: Consolidating and Leasing

Municipal Consolidation and Construction uses a “Consolidate and Lease” process.
With this process, municipalities move:

  • From Multiple levels of costly approvals
    To One, singular approval that simplifies the process

  • From Unexpected liabilities and responsibilities
    To Expert developers assuming liability

  • From Never-ending projects halted by bureaucratic dead-ends
    To Ensured project completion, with no missed deadlines or cost overruns

  • From Decrepit buildings leaking profits
    To New income from the sale of old buildings

  • From Spread out, underutilized spaces
    To Centralized, work-efficient office spaces

  • From Locations scattered across the municipality
    To A modern, centralized hub acting as a catalyst for economic investment

  • From The burden of owning outdated spaces
    To The flexibility of leasing new efficient space